All the drill producers I know who own Circle2 (such as myself) really need a few DRILL and UK DRILL packs with synth presets and orchestral presets and FX presets and piano presets specifically for the drill genre… DON’T PROCRASTINATE WITH THIS!

Remember, I helped you quite a bit with the SubLab XL issue and identified a big fix for customers who can’t get SubLab (OG) to work (just install v1.1.3) and sent one of your high profile customers the install he kept asking you for because I knew it would work for him with 99.99% certainty whilst you (Gavin) had told him you think it will potentially corrupt his system files and probably won’t work haha (you’re welcome).

Also, I didn’t bother to even claim my refund for SubLab XL which still doesn’t work for me because I’d prefer to keep it just in case a future update begins to work finally. Ah, and on that note, I have some additional information for you on the SubLab XL issue. It works if I open it inside Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol, but its graphic interface is buggy and leaves traces on the screen when scrolled across and won’t show the far right of the plugin.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to email me a free installer from you personally for all this when you get around to doing drill packs for Circle2. You really SHOULD do the drill packs because drill is a genre that’s here to stay for some time to come and it is actually what most of the youth (the biggest section of the population) listen to mainly. It’s the money generating music of now, so you would do well to get a drill focused team member, in my humble opinion, who can offer you the dynamic needed to cater for the drill community. The best of us who produce drill are all sound designers and composers who write our own sounds and progressions from scratch and we need more. Drill is shockingly not that well catered for in the VSTi industry considering its popularity, and this just doesn’t make sense. With the quality of Circle2 as a sound design VSTi, you would make an absolute KILLING if you began focusing on packs for it and putting out packs that compare in quality to things such as BBC Orchestra Symphony Professional, Hollywood Strings, etc. Those plugins are expansions for Spitfire Audio and their biggest let down is the insane cost of them. They are so highly overpriced that if you came with packs that compare then you’d probably knock them out of the market completely or force them to lower their prices and both those potential outcomes are good for everybody. It’s very good for you in the sense that if and when producers start realizing Circle2 is better than anything Spitfire Audio can do and has packs that compare to it for drill, trap, hip-hop, film scores, classical music symphonies, etc. there will be thousands of reviews appearing all over social media comparing the two in no time and effectively you will pull the carpet from under those robbers and gain so much free promotion and such a big loyal customer base that you had best be prepared for your help desk to also be far more busy as well as your banker. Remember, Gavin, the help desk is a VERY IMPORTANT thing - I have NEVER heard from anybody ever that Spitfire Audio doesn’t work on their system or their DAW, for example, or they would NEVER be able to get away with charging £899 for BBC Symphony Orchestra Professional (which I will always think is very highly overpriced and absolutely disgusting that they make this so inaccessible to most people, such as myself).

@ogdubbofficial we’re also big UK drill, garage and grime fans!

Not to comment on any other plugin manufacturers, but yes orchestral instruments do cost a lot. AFAIK the cost comes from hiring the orchestra, hiring such a famous symphony orchestra such as the BBC must not be cheap.

Great that you are still around btw…we’ll keep sending out betas for SubLab XL and would be good if you can test it as we go along :+1: :+1: