What’s up with Circle?

Love that Sublab is making such a huge buzz but Circle could use a nice big update. I always loved the workflow, UI and sound but feels like forever since there was anything new with it :slight_smile:

Yes, Circle is definitely due an update. We’ll have a look in October if you can hang on :+1:


Circle 2 is great as it is, but some attention is always great, perhaps MPE? it is synth that longs for MPE…

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I can think of a few right out of Sublab like a sample engine, some of the new fx. Maybe a couple new filters. Would be cool since it really is the pioneer of the drag and modulate workflow that all the new synths use now a days.

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I really think Circle was ahead of its time in a lot of ways :smile:

There are a lot of really great synths out there now, Serum, Vital etc that are in the space Circle and Massive created so its definitely a challenge. Also the fan boys for the Serum and Vital are hardcore :laughing:

Yeah, I find my circle use ends up being more quirky, synthy sounds these days with stuff like phase plant having so much horsepower, but circle still Is very interesting and intuitive. I think if it played to those strengths it still has a place in the line up.

indeed. and it sounds great!

i think Circle2, has still a place next to Serum or Vital (i only have Vital, for Serum i have Vaporizer 2, a better solution… and even other alternatives… Vital has a special character, that doesn’t seem to resonate with most of the users… the developer himself, also notice this…).

i wouldn’t want to compare them, even not with phase plant.

Circle2 has its own character, besides the great sound…, it’s own thinking.

as also mentioned by @Dextro .

never look at those ‘others’, if you have a great product yourself…

because it will end up this way; they will all will look alike, sound alike. there are already too many plugins, soft synths and effects, that add nothing.

Circle2 has a unique way, which by users, i know, because i pointed them to Circle2, is also noticed.

a sample engine, but everyone has of course his/her/etc. own perspective, does not seem a real addition. to me…

but FX, routing, perhaps more VPS control (look at Hora Detour, that i also bought, because of VPS).

and, i repeat, MPE. which will certainly attract users, that buy all that is MPE… or almost all… (i am one of them…).
and Circle2 has it all for MPE…

make it “better”, it is already a great synth, look at the synth itself…