Share Your Music!


We’d love to hear what music / sound design you folks have been working on recently, feel free to share streaming links to your tracks in here.


#2 just dropped a new ep a couple weeks ago




A little 90’s atmospheric drum & bass:



Enjoying the tracks so far guys! Nice variety of sounds and can definitely hear Circle in action.

Here’s one from my most recent EP


@Hugh_FAW Haven’t heard that one yet Hugh!


I am a pretty established artist, lemme know if I can beta test circle for ya! Hope you enjoy my sounds, I have releases across all kinds of labels worldwide. <3


Pretty sure I used Circle for the sub bass and noisy lead on this track. The lead is just the ‘1 Chance Hits’ preset tweaked a lil bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lovely track! This is taking me right back to the liquid drum and bass I was listening to growing up in the mid 00s (Logistics, High Contrast, Calibre etc), but with a darker more broken beat twist.

This kind of stuff was a golden era of dnb for me, thanks for the reminder.


Nice work, you’ve developed the ‘1 Chance Hits’ patch in a really interesting and unexpected way.


That would sound epic in a club. Digging the lo-passed snare / rim especially.


Feeling this one… Inner City life vibes :fire:

I think the dnb’s going to see a bit of a comeback soon, what with the crossover success of the new Pessimist (self-titled) album etc. It’s definitely a record to check out if you haven’t already:


Deep stuff, wouldn’t sound out of place here in Berlin for sure.


From the EP this I’d say this one’s seen the best support overall, I’ve been hearing it all over the place. I made it almost a year ago so I can’t wait for the next one to drop now.



Hi! I did not use Circle too extremely but in the first track you definately can hear it in action. Loving the synth. Hope you like the music. :slight_smile:


Thanks Hugh.

Funny you mentioned d&b comeback… I was just talking to a friend about that. If you take a look at current trends, almost all 4/4 driven genres pretty much dominate popular electronic music these days. Traxsource / Beatport Top 100 is a bit depressing for someone who listens to breakbeat driven tunes. Really hoping the shift happens soon. Personally, I think it is sorely needed.


On a personal note, I wouldn’t mind giving the Circle Beta a run for its money and building a complete d&b track with it.