[Update] 1.1.9 update thread (latest beta 1 macOS 32/64, M1 & Win release 30/6/22)

just installed from the above link… twice (the intel mac installer). in logic, the AU shows as ‘1.1.4 (R418)’… not 1.1.8. is this the new beta, or…?

EDIT: please let me know what’s up! was happy to get this, but not sure if it’s actually the updated AU…)

I had the clicking issue when tested on FL studio with the latest install.
I changed the plugin to “Use fixed size buffers” and “Process maximum size buffers” to get it to behave.

It seemed to happen less often or less audibly in Ableton.

@rrahim What buffer size are you using in Ableton?

Also can you inform me of the version number you see when you click the top left hand corner “sublab” logo?

@fisherking we’re seeing quite often Logic will report the old version, du to the AU cache. I had the same problem yesterday here when testing but it went away when I restarted my computer. What version of macOS are you running?


Ok, I’ve test again here and it seems that Logic is maintaining a cache of the plug-in unless there is some oversight we’ve missed.

What we’ll do is in the next build set the macOS installer to force you to shut down Logic before allowing you to proceed. with the installation.

I’m on M1 now! :slight_smile: Just wanted to say the SubLab disk image installer art is awesome. Will report any new issues I hear…

am on monterey (the 12.5 beta). if this is the new beta, will check it out over the weekend, and report back if anything

@fisherking yes, it is a new beta…we’re about to update the installers due to an issue with the installer on macOS

Ok, new betas are up, we’ve adjusted the installer so that it works correctly.

FLStudio Buffer size is 512 (using ASIO driver)
Ableton using the same Buffer and ASIO driver as FLStudio.

Version is 1.1.8 (R436)

I’ve only noticed it on Ableton on some presets after switching to the preset on the first note and not again.

(It’s perfectly usable as it is, just reporting in case it helps)

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@rrahim, you’re noticing a click on the first note after changing a preset?

Thanks for having a look, really appreciate the help :+1:

same links above? ok downloaded will check out this weekend & report any issues/madness/dope basslines… :upside_down_face:

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Same links @fisherking! Thanks for the help!

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Not sure if it’s the same click you fixed in this update.

I think I figured out the cause on ableton (it happens on both DAWs).
Some presets have a change in limiter threshold so the first note sounds a bit different (like a sort of bit crushed effect), not the click issue and is very subtle.

I’m curious to know what the click issue fixed in this update sounds like. Because there are some presets (for example “The Lowdown”) which has a click at the end of the notes and does not use a sample (sounds sort of like the limiter releasing after note has finished).

emailed some info (screenshot, mp3). still exploring the update as well…

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Thanks guys!

@fisherking will check support and see what you’ve sent in :+1:

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this is happening in the new beta, but i’ve never experienced it with sublab before (& i’ve been using it since it first dropped):

when i open the plugin in logic (with a project in play mode), everything stops and i get a ‘system overload’ message…

What’s your system Fisher king and what installer did you use on macOS ( m1 or the 64/32 bit regular installer?)

If you are in Logic and on an m1 are you running in Rosetta mode?


imac 2019; 3.2 i7 intel; 16gb ram

the regular installer. and no changes to logic or the OS since installing the sublab beta (and no other plugins do this except shaperbox sometimes).

also did u get my email with the mp3 & screenshot?

no one’s responded here in 6 days. no one’s answered my email either. are u still beta-testing sublab?

Just opened up an older project, and WHOA what used to be a 12semitone slide suddenly flew into outerspace ripping my ears open.

Looks like SubLab 1.1.8 “forgot” what the Pitch Bend value was set to and instead assumed a 48semitone Pitch Bend.

This is really bad if going forwards all songs are going to sound different and we have to re-set the pitchbend. Also will it remember it going forwards? Anyone else experiencing this?