sublabXL: Macro Visualizer Change?

Is there a way to customize the macro visualizer for my own presets? or is it just tied to the category of where I start the preset? Either way it would be cool to at least cycle that separately somehow.

I love the new upgrades and thanks for the perfectly priced upgrade fee.

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Yes there is @Kirkwood.

If you look in the xml for the pack, you could feasibly change the hex values to colours you like etc.

What might be an idea is to put a randomize button in for generating blobs for your own packs?



ok… i’ll check out the XML!

randomization button would be so cool! or left/right buttons to cycle through some interesting visual presets or the ones that are already established in the packs. (but not change the sound :D)


Yeah, it would be really cool for sure and its on the feature list :+1:


Would you know the hex codes for the different colors? Most of the regular ones don’t work with sublabxl. I noticed the codes are 8 digits instead of 6. Also, I’m not that fond with coding, so any knowledge for changing features in the XML pack would help!


There is an alpha transparency channel afaik in the first two digits. So to change the colour you need to enter “ff” first and then the hex color values :wink:

Let me know if this works :+1: