New Preset? Save Preset?

I just started using Sublab XL.
I played with a preset and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to save it.
Looked for a manual. Doesn’t exist. Searched here for “save preset”, couldn’t find.
Tried a 1.5 minute walkthrough vid which was linked in the app and it says “start with new preset” and shows “new Preset” in the browser window. For the life of me I can find no “new preset” button or even a “+” button for anything other than creating a new pack.

It shouldn’t be this hard. This is getting frustrating :wink:

Running on a MacBook Air using Monterey 12.6.2. Same issue in standalone and in Live 11.


@Landscapebro nope, it shouldn’t be…but here you go, click the three dots next to the preset name and up comes the same as menu :+1:

You’re brilliant. Thanks.
I think I thought that was part of the name of the existing preset or something.
From now on I promise to always click on a “…” if I see one before I jump the gun. :blush:

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