SubLabXL GUI sometimes hangs Reason 12 on Mac 10.13.6

Hello -

I’m really happy with the sounds I can get out of SubLabXL but there is a critical flaw that keeps me from using it without hesitation. Occasionally, when opening the GUI of SublabXL the plugin window is just black and it hangs Reason 12 and I’m forced to Force Quit Reason. I’m on 10.13.6. so, on older OS but still well within the System Requirements. Has anyone else had this problem. I’d really like to keep SublabXL but I may have to ask for a refund if this isn’t a problem that can be fixed with an update.

Hey @rszwec

Sorry to hear about this! Could you try to disable OpenGL like this?

  1. Navigate to the folder …/FAW/SubLabXL

    Unless you created a custom filepath, you can find the files here: /Library/ApplicationSupport/FAW/SubLabXL

  2. Right-click the file titled settings.xml and open it in a text editor - you’ll see something like this:

  3. Find the line disableOpenGL=“false” and change from =“false” to =“true”

  4. Save the file, reboot your mac, and then launch SubLab XL again

Let me know if the GUI still comes up black and if there’s any change/improvement or not!


Hi Julia -

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I did what you suggested and it works - sort of. It no longer hangs Reason and the black screen is gone. However, the waveform display in the Synth section is no longer there (Sample and Sub tabs are unaffected) as well as the animated “blob” on the macro page. These are not deal breakers for me but I thought I should let you know that it’s not a perfect solution.

If there is any more information you need from me to help please let me know.

Thank you,


Hey Ray,

Okay, interesting, thanks for trying that and letting me know.

Could you also try this please?

  1. Turn OpenGL back on (same steps as above but change back to “false”)

  2. Open the SubLab XL setting panel (it’s the little gear icon on the bottom left of the interface) and change this setting for spectrum resolution to: Low

Please let me know, maybe this will work better!

Take care,

Hi Julia,

Just tried your suggestion and unfortunately it still results in hanging Reason. I have gone back to disabling OpenGL. If you have any other suggestions I’m more than willing to try them out. Let me know.


Hey Ray,

Okay thanks for letting me know. I will see if there’s anything else you can try, for the moment stick with disabling open GL.

Take care,

Hi Julia,

I heard from Ellis @ FAW support today and he gave me an update beta to try but it unfortunately exhibits the same issue as before. I reverted back to the non-beta version.

I asked this question to Ellis but I was going to ask you as well:

Is SubLab XL made with the JUCE framework? If so, I might have an idea to look into based on a similar problem I was having with another developer’s plugin that we were able to remedy.

Thanks again,