SubLab XL – OpenGL Problems on Intel Macbook with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M GPU

Today i bought SubLab XL to be used on the last generation of Intel MacBook Pro with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M graphic card. Which does not seem to support OpenGL anymore. This resulted in a complete black Interface window in standalone as well as in LogicPro. Workaround to run the plugin is similar to SubLab: Open the file “settings.xml“ within the Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLabXL folder in Text Edit and change the part „disableOpenGL=“false” to „disableOpenGL=“true” – Now the interface is working normally and you can activate your license and rund the plugin. Only downside = The fancy 3D-bubble thing within the Macro-Tab won’t show up. the background stays grey. But at least the sliders work. So hope that helps for those with the same issue. And dear FAW team: Would be great if you could provide some bug fix for that. Would like to enjoy the fancy interfaye as well :wink:

Hey @SimonBach,

Do you want to send me your exact specs via private message or to my direct email address (I’ve sent a pm) ?

You can get your tech specs from the “About” page :wink:

Just sent you all information about my texh Specs for Hardware, DAW and SubLab XL version.

looking forward to receive good news about some workaround for that bug.