SubLab not loading in Komplete Kontrol

Hello all,
As it states in the title, SubLab is showing in the Komplete Kontol library but not loading. Both software is up-to-date. In the past, I have rescanned and reinstalled my entire library but no luck. Here are a couple of images. Any help would be appreciated.
FAW Loading Issue

It wouldn’t let me put both images in one post (because I’m a new user), here is a reply image.

Ok, let me check it out here. We tested on Windows 10 and macOS 10.15 in machine and Komplete Kontrol.

Time line wise, it will be early 2022 ( We’re back on the 3rd of January, but if I have time over the holidays will have a look earlier)

How does that sound and thanks for your patience


Sounds good thank you!

Back at the office here @RaySr, will take a look now :+1:

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Hey, Gavin, any word on the issue?

Ok, so I’ve had a look in Maschine and it loaded ok and also in Komplete Kontrol.

I’ll need to do some more tests, but on my mac it is working with version 2.6.7 of Komplete Kontrol and v1.1.6 of SubLab.

Does it appear in the menu accessible via the top bar?

Hey Gavin, Thanks for responding. No Sublab isn’t showing in the instruments menu. I am trying to access it via the library. Attached is a screenshot. I am using Windows 10 Komplete 2.6.7

Ok, I’ll have a look further into it @RaySr

Hey @RaySr,

I’ve just done a fresh install of SubLab using the latest ( 1.1.7 ) installer and it works fine with Komplete Kontrol. The version of Komplete Kontrol I am using is 2.6.7 ( R1 )

The library is pointing to the same folder as you have above also.

What do you think?


I had the same issue. SubLab appeared but could not be loaded. Rescanning plugins from inside the KompleteKontrol VST-Plugin solved this issue for me. I could use it instantly with my Kontrol.

Reading other threads, I think this is a windows issue with native instruments. Here is a workaround until they come up with a solution.
"You need to install Sublab, inside the Native Instruments VST folder, in my case it was ;
C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit

It seems that Maschine/KK only recognizes VST2 (sublab.dll).
I highly suggest that people install the VST2 in the Native Instruments folder and leave the VST3 in the standard folder."

@RaySr that is exactly the fix. Let me get @Julia to add a support article so others can find it too and thanks for posting :+1:

AFAIK Native are working on a fix.