Sublab keeps crashing

mostly when i try to change presets. it crashes my entire ableton program and only a reinstall fixed it but only temporary. it is starting to crash again when i try to change presets. prior to reinstall, it would only crash when changing presets, then eventually got to the point that if i attempted to open sublab, i click it, then ableton crashes. and if i tried to open a project that contained a sublab midi pattern, then ableton will crash the instant the project opens, unless luckily i froze the track and converted it to audio. might be worth mentioning that a while back i had an issue with 64bit and 32bit vsts being installed in the wrong places, had to sort them manually, tis possible there may be duplicates of sublub files in the wrong spots. would like some help uninstalling, and deleting any resudual files (hopefully while backing up my personal presets{locations?}) on another note, REINSTALLING TOOK ONE OF MY AVAILABLE ACTIVATIONS AND I NOW ONLY HAVE ONE AVAILABLE REINSTALL. thats really not cool? would like to solve that… running live 10 , windows 10