sublab constantly crashes my project

hello I have a problem with sublab. it constantly crashes my project whether on mpc studio 2 or fl studio I can not use it.
in addition I install it on two machines and I see on my account that it is activated three times?
sublab it constantly crashes my project .I have a powerful pc a sound card all my plugins work wonders without limits.
but when I use sublab it is the disaster of creaking slowly and its crash it puts has comnsomets all the resources cpu or dsp.
i tried to reinstall it and now i can’t see it in mpc studio when i do a scan.
it is the case to say it sublab my change my life I no longer make music.
since its installation it has disturbed my daw mpc studio 2.

do you have any answers for the activations that i am not done?
do you have any solutions for these problems?