Sublab imported with "error" to FL and no customer support whatsoever

I have the latest FL. I had to transfer all my plugins to a new computer, which meant redownloading Sublab for 64bit Windows 10. I did, and it imports with “error” and the inability to open it up in FL.

I’ve sent in two support tickets over the course of two weeks with ZERO response. Would you recommend a refund so I can switch to a company that supports their customers or does anyone in the community know why this might be happening?

Hey @lilcrap

When you say that you “re-import” and transfer plugins to a new computer, are you doing a fresh install? Is there an error code displayed by FL Studio?

@Julia can you have a look at why @lilcrap support case slipped through the net?


I appreciate y’all reaching out now! As I told Julia, y’all are a small business so it’s easier to be lenient… if you have a warning on your website (I don’t know if y’all have a backlog or something).

Anyways, the error code is literally “error”. It’s a fresh install and Sublab is the only plugin not working.