Sublab Freezes and Ableton Crashes

Sublab freezes once opened and causes Ableton to crash.

System: Windows 10 - CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - GPU Nvidia GeForce RTX3080 - RAM 64GB - SSD 1TB

Guys!!! There is this mad solution I found on Reddit ima just copy-paste it for you and everybody who might face the same issue

Credit to Grenno9 on Reddit

I’d just like to say I had the same problem a bizarre solution. I found through some digging that certain high end motherboards have gaming overlays which interfere with certain UI’s, specifically sound enhancements for some reason?

Anyway, I uninstalled some software that came with my ASUS motherboard namely Sonic Studio and the VST problem disappeared straight away.

This isn’t specific to ASUS motherboards as the original post I saw, the guy had an MSI board with the same problem and uninstalled some of their sound enhancement software and it worked for him.

That is a totally weird one, I haven’t come across before. We’ll more than likely add a support article in the help pages so other users who are having a similar issue can get a fix.

Hello Gavin,

That is indeed weird and abnormal!! That would be awesome, I know many people had the same issue as I did and everyone normally suggests a graphics card upgrade which doesn’t make a lot of sense.