Sublab clicking

Every time I load my own sample it clicks right after being played EVERY SINGLE TIME. Sublab has become useless to me and it sucks because it’s one of the best. I’m using the newest version 1.1.7
Has anyone found a solution to this? Where is FAW on this problem?

Hey @rexxy could you tell us a bit more about your setup?

What’s your OS & DAW?

If I’m understanding correctly, the clicking started when you updated to 1.1.7 right?

Since I got Sublab I’ve been on that version and it’s had the same issue. It seems to only occur when I load my own sample. The default presets have no problems but I get the clicking sound every time with my own sounds. The samples I’m using are clean but once loaded into Sublab it adds a little clicking sound at the tail of the note after it ends.
I’m on WIN 10, FL Studio 20.9.1, Intel i9 9900k 3.60, and 48 G Ram.

Sorry just now seeing this! The clicking was there since I first got the product.
My setup is included in the original post. Win 10, and FL Studio 20.9.1 currently as my DAW.

Hi @rexxy

Could you try out the beta installers that are linked here?

Please let us know if there’s any improvement with the clicking!

Hey everyone,

We’ve figured out what was happening and will put together a new beta with a fix.



We have a new beta available that has a fix for sample clicking issue. Links are posted in the forum topic linked below.