Selected Mouth Shapes don't show up on Mouth Filter

Hi there.
Selected Mouth Shapes don’t show up on Mouth Filter. The filter itself and shape selections work, but no feedback on GUI which shapes are used…
I’m using 2.2.0 RC1 Splice Edition, but also installed the latest 2.2.1 RC3 version to check - same issue.
Haven’t found any topics on this matter as well.


Ok thanks for the heads up @KalnzEB, I’ve been able to recreate it here. We’ll do a shortly.


Thanks for the response @Gavin_FAW

  • Same issue with Phaser’s effect stages as well.
  • Also there`s another issue with Parametric EQ Q1 control - right clicking and moving up/down doesn’t change anything as it does and should with Q2. Thanks.