Phase Issues in SubLab

Why is it that the phase is randomly inverted on certain notes? Literally you can play the same exact note 3 times in a row and at random one or two will have an inverted waveform. Working on a track right now and after committing MIDI to audio I have to go note by note checking the phase with the kick because the phase cancellation is just so bad at completely random points.

I’ve tried turning the “Reset Phase on New Note” on and off and neither option fixes this problem. Such a great plug-in but this issue makes it sooo frustrating to use it on a final production.

Please let me know if I am missing something. Thank you!

Hey @ap7,

The way phase works in SubLab is as follows:

  1. Setting “Reset Phase on new note” to “On” means that when you place a new note the phase will jump back to zero on the oscillator, x-Sub and the sampler. This can and will produce an audible click. Are you experiencing this behavior?

  2. If “Reset Phase on new note” to “Off” means that the phase will reset back to zero, but only if the blue envelope has also finished.

I feel I need to put together a help page with diagrams so that people can understand how it operates. Then if there are situations where it doesn’t behave as expected, we can have a look and see if it is in fact a bug.

Thanks and please await the help doc!


Ah gotcha, thanks! So essentially unless every single note played by SubLab has the exact same length, there’s no way to guarantee that the sub will be in phase with the kick every time? (when I say ‘kick’ I’m referring to a kick outside of SubLab, just to clarify)

I tried the “Reset Phase on new note” thing but even then the waveforms weren’t consistent. I suppose I could try a plugin like “Auto-Align” but would be nice if this was taken care of within the plugin

Looking forward to the diagrams whenever you get a chance. Thanks again for your help!

phase reset doesn’t work

I reported this over a year ago , maybe two now . maybe longer tbh ?
I dont think the devs realise the problem is even aa problem .

Can we have a refund if the synth still doesn’t work as advertised ?

Can you make the phase reset work

pretty please

buying a synth and then not being able to use it as its advertised for years , because the devs ignore ur bug reports… not cool really

Hey @tichomn

Can you have a look here at this thread: