Still having phasing issues

I see in the update notes it says that phasing has been fixed, but I’m still having issues with the sampler causing phasing issues no matter what settings I have on in the menu.

I’ve enabled reset phase on new note and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any kind of sub bass will experience phase issues as soon as the Synth or X-Bass is introduced.

EDIT: Let me add that it se ems like when I’m playing notes on my keyboard it’s behaving properly, but once it’s playing via a midi track or bounced audio it’s all kinds of phase issues.

Ok, that is good information @Lord_Bright, let me check it out and verify if I can see the same.


I have had this problem for over a year now , probably longer … have messaged the team and commented/messaged on social media … and it doesn’t seem this problem is going to get fixed because im not getting the feelings the devs even recognise the problem …

there is an option which is supposed to reset the phase on each note, it doesn’t work . This is a huge issue for something like sub bass , where phase with kick drums make a big difference between having sub energy when they hit together or not .

Sublab does not reset , my messages have been answered but nothing has been done about it , and I still feel a bit ripped off tbh . It’s a modern “sub synth” where the phase constantly moves , it’s not usable for anyone who works with phasing of sub frequencies .

There is an option which is supposed to make this not a problem … Why have the option there if it does nothing ? People are asking for it and you are still over a year later acting like it is ‘just the way it works’ .

Your reset phase option doesn’t work , please can we have it working . I bought this synth and haven’t been able to use it… Will you be able to refund my money if you aren’t able to get your synth working how it is advertised ?

Hi Gavin,

Has the phasing issue been fixed yet?. I am having the same issue as Tichomn mentioned above. In my midi if i have the same bass loop playing through out my track i find that some notes have a stong sub like it should and then the same notes played again lose the power, clearly due to phase shifts. This happens even if i have the hard phase reset on.

If your not going to fix it please can you give people their money back as this is frustrating and makes sublab XL un useable?

Hey @JB555,

The phase should 100% reset in the current version 1.0.8 and we’ve tested it here.

In order to testing things, I’m going to send you a copy of SubLab XL, would you be able to install this and let me know if you are seeing the same issue?

Phase is tricky and near to impossible to avoid cancelling completely, but if phase reset is working then it should be predicable. I’m up for going through this with you and making sure SubLab is working correctly on your system :+1:


Hi Gavin,

Thanks for the reply

Yes that is ok. Are you going to email me personally with the latest version and ill give it a try?

Yes…check you PMs :+1: