SubLab XL phase issues

Hi, I’ve noticed there’s been a couple of posts about phase issues but I haven’t found the answers to my questions.

  1. In phase reset menu, when no reset or first note reset is selected the phase swims all over the place for both the synth and the sub oscillator, however in hard reset mode the synth seems to be locked into place, while the sub oscillator is still all over the place (looping 1 bar note at 90 bpm if that matters)
  2. I rely on PsyScope by FX 23 when mixing, and while probably not a huge deal, it reads the SubLab XL phase by 60 or 120 degrees off from what it actually is, I tested it out by cancelling the sound from SubLab against Serum, Vital, and PhasePlant, all of which had a correct phase reading (180 degree flip when cancelled against each other), while the cancelling for SubLab like I said before happens at 60/120 degree rotation reading.

I really love the plugin but these little things are a bit of a bummer as they create some inconveniences, like having to convert midi to audio to ensure every note hit is consistent when using the sub oscillator. Are there any plans to add a phase shift and randomization knobs, like the 3 synths I’ve mentioned have?

Hey @slavaad,

What version are you running?

  1. No reset means the phase never resets on new notes. This is how analog synths work.
  2. Reset on first note means that the phase resets when even there is a new note that triggers. If “Re-trig” is switched on under the "Mod->Glide panel, then every new note resets the phase to zero.
  3. X-Sub is 100% phase resetting, I have checked here. Can you confirm what version of SubLab you are running.

I understand phase shift, but what does randomisation achieve? the thing with having a random phase start is that you end up with the waveform starting from a non-zero value, which will introduce clicks.

On Psyscope, I’m not sure what would cause that, it is XSub you are measuring?

I have version 1.0.2

I did some more testing and I have a theory that the issue is in how ableton plays back looped midi notes/midi notes that don’t have any space in between when using sublab, because all the swimming phase issues went away when I muted the last 1/8 of a bar before retrigerring, I have recorded a test tone if you want to hear it, and maybe you’ll have a different explanation.

As of phase randomization knob, I didn’t give it much thought except the fact that other synths I was mentioning have it, but perhaps it could find some use on the synth oscillator to have slightly different tones when bouncing midi to audio for future use.

And on PsyScope I just had a layered view of waveforms coming out of phaseplant and sublab, and the actual cancelation would happen when the waves were shifted 60 degrees from each other rather than 180 like it was when I was stacking phaseplant against vital or serum, and again I have a theory that the issue is in how sublab interacts with it, but given both are 3rd party software I think it’s possible, although I’ve never encountered that before

@slavaad yeah, its a big topic and each daw behaves differently with midi notes.

Can I suggest installing version 1.0.3 and testing out.

For the phase. We actually have different start phases between xSub and the Synth. Another point to remember is that sometimes you may have glide turn on, which will speed up and slow down the oscillator, thus changing its phase.