New computer... How to transfer everything?

I got a new laptop and want to move everything but don’t know how to move my custom patches and not screw things up with my license (I had a tough time installing this thing in the first place + I see others having similar issues constantly…

Any help?

I’m having the same problem, got A new computer and I can’t use my license because it has said I use up my 3 license registration. I don’t know how to deactivate the license.

Not sure which OS the OP uses, I’m on macOS, as long as you look through the usual audio-plug-in folders, for FAW/Circle/Sublab, they should be sth like:

  1. Users/YourUN/Library/Audio/…
  2. Users/YourUN/Library/Preferences
  3. Users/YourUN/ApplicationSupport/FAW

should be okay. Not sure about Windows or others.

If any licensing issues, just send an email to support. They reinstated my 3 valid computers very quickly.

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Sadly im on Windows and that’s definitely trickier :S