Macros in Komplete Kontrol

Hello! Are Macros knobs supposed to work in Komplete Kontrol? Because mine don’t work in SubLab/SubLabXL. Nothing changes in sound when I twist them. I tried to reinstall but it didn’t help.

Will double check tomorrow and will let you know

Yeah, they should work and we’ve tested here, but there could be something up also.

Have you also tried in Maschine?

Just installed Maschine 2 Essentials and it didn’t work.
Also tried on another device and there is the same problem.
First device - windows 10, second - windows 11.
SubLab XL ver 1.0.2, bought on pluginboutique.
Maschine ver. 2.16.1 (R0)

I just checked and I have the same problem!

Ok guys, let me have a look here and I’ll see what is up.

@Aleko are you also on Windows?

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No, sorry! I only have a Mac mini m1!

@Gavin_FAW Hello! Do you have any good news?)

We are talking to NI about it, hang in there…can you let me know what version also of KK you’re using.

Komplete Kontrol Version 2.8.1 (R0)

I use the same versions!

I’m using Sublab XL 1.0.4 and Komplete Kontrol 2.9.4.

The macros only works as on/off buttons, nothing else. And I’m not able to change the macros, when clicking the little arrow above the macro knob in KK there’s nothing there. Any change you guys can take a look at this? Would be great to actually be able to use the controls in KK to use Sublab XL. Thanks.