Is MIDI LEARN Available?

I’d love to be able to control all the awesome SubLab parameters from my Novation Launch Control XL, NI Maschine and Maschine Jam. Is this possible or maybe coming soon?
Thank you,

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Hey @BMXBigMac,

We were thinking of adding it, but when we got feedback, people said that they use automation instead of midi. Circle2 has midi learn and I use it there, but honestly you’re the first person to ask for it.

MIDI Learn for at least changing the presets would be a huuge help for me. I’m using Sublab in a live situation and need to quickly change the preset. I can’t afford to use the mouse. I’m currently hacking it with BOME MIDI Translator but it’s a pretty goofy solution.

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i just got the akai mpk3 about a month ago and want a good bass dedicated for it. just got sublab, but i cant assign the knobs to anything on sublab with cubase 10. unless im using it wrong? id definitely want midi learn. adjusting things with knobs vs mouse n click is a lot more efficient.

Looks like I’m not “the only one” requesting MIDI learn for SubLab…

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i got lucky because cubase has a “track/quick controls” feature thats like a backup plan if theres no default midilearn within the plugin. cubase does the midilearn, and then you can program that knob/fader to whatever you click on screen.