Loving SubLab. curious re; hanging notes…

Hey Gavin & SubLab, congrats on a supercool instrument - really sounding great in tracks, and havent even got into tweaking & extras yet. I’m curious if theres a fix for a hanging notes issue tho? I found the ‘clear all notes’ button in the dropdown, but…its starting to drive me nuts. Am rendering to audio for now.

I’m on Mac 10.12.6 / UAudio / Reaper 5.9 64-bit.

Thanks for any help in advance,

Cheers J.

I’ll have a look JLee, I think it might be related to Reaper only, I’ve started downloading a copy to check it out and test…


Thanks Gavin - much appreciated. Cheers J.

hey Gavin — wondering if I could try downgrading to 1.1.3? or should maybe reinstall 1.1.4? Seems SubLab works for awhile, then creates a loud signal on playback - crashing/muting the DAW and aud. interface. I’m on iMac 10.12.6 - UAudio Apollo Twin and Reaper 6.13 (64bit) - running 48k at 512 The hanging notes are still happening too. Thanks in advance for any help. J.

Hi John,

If you want to downgrade to 1.1.3 you can get those installers inside of your FAW (or Plugin Boutique if you got it from there) account under the downloads tab. I would recommend deleting / uninstalling your existing “FAW \ SubLab” files first before installing 1.1.3.

Take care,

hey Julia thanks for that – i saw the D/L, and thought it was v-1.1.4… but it is 1.1.3 - perfect. I’ll try 1.1.3 install if no joy with the reset-phase setting. Cheers J.

How did it go @JLee?

hey Gavin— thanks for the follow up. Julias tip for reset-phase setting was already on, so unfort. no change with the hanging notes. SubLab is ok in new projects for awhile, but then consistently hangs on playback - I’m rendering audio for now.

I almost installed 1.1.3 - but stalled, thinking it may blow-out my sounds or settings in earlier projects. i.e. wasnt sure if my tweaked presets in MySubs would vanish? Is there a way of saving the prefs or MySubs sounds? I saw in the dropdown menu under options, ‘Reset SubLab’ - will that affect my saved sounds?

Seems a few presets (even in standalone) pin my audio interface then die until loading another patch. These are; Rogue Mogue, Pure Water and The Lowdown. I’m running iMac/UA & DAW at 48k - S.Lab is also set to 48k in Aud/Midi prefs.

I had some weirdness with sounds changing to another random patch when re-opening a project.

These are just some ongoing things I’m sure will get ironed out - and I’m on Reaper which isnt a supported DAW, so thanks for helping out. Regardless, the instrument is totally cool even with a few glitches… :slight_smile: Catch-up soon -

Cheers & Best, JL

(iMac 10.12.6, Reaper 6.13, Universal Audio Apollo)

Hey @JLee,

That’s good info about the specific presets as it helps nail things down on what exact is up in v1.1.4, appreciate sending on the info.

I’ll have a look here and will check what is happening with those specific presets.