Where's the panic in Sublab XL

Hey all

I’m running the latest versions of both Sublab and Sublab XL in Pro Tools (2022.10) on an M1 MBP.

Both Sublab and Sublab XL are probably the plugins I own which are most susceptible to getting hanging/stuck notes. In Sublab, there was a panic option in the menu to kill those and get back to work. Is there no equivalent in Sublab XL? I’ve searched around and checked the support page, FAQ, etc and can’t find anything. Currently having the disable and re-enable the plugin whenever this happens (often).

Any advice on a better way? Or a fix to avoid this issue in the first place? Is there no way to have Sublab detect when the transport stops and just kill all playing notes?

Hey @snugrecordingco,

In SubLab, we have the “clear all playing notes”. Let me look into adding a quicker method for XL.

More long term, we have spent a lot of time looking at hanging notes in Pro-Tools and we haven’t been able to figure out why this is happening. I’m going to look at it again and see if we can fix it. This will be for version 1.0.4 ( we’re currently at 1.0.3 beta ).

Hope this helps in the meantime and thanks for your patience!

Thanks Gavin! A panic button in XL would be great, I’ll hope for that in a future update. thanks for getting back to me.

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No problem, it helps a lot when people come on the forum and let us know what we need to add next to make SubLab better :+1: :+1: