I need my IDs cleared. Please change the way this works

So I will just copy/paste my Email to the support from yesterday. Haven’t gotten a response yet. I am stuck with numerous projects that I can’t properly open now:

I have two computers that I normally use Sublab on. Sublab just notified me that I already have 3 activated and that one of my two laptops is actually a 4th computer. It would be nice to let people deactivate their computers themselves in their accounts instead of forcing them to write an email to customer support. I am in the middle of a session and now I have to write an email and wait for an answer before I can use the software that I bought. If I were in a place without internet access I wouldn’t even be able to do that. I can understand that you want to protect your product from piracy but creating problems for paying customers in the process shouldn’t be a part of those security measures. I have numerous other plugins where I can just deactivate the old ID and activate a new one. This creates unnecessary work for both sides.