For the love of music change the licensing system

I only have 1 PC and my slots are used up again, it seems to me if u do not use Sublab for a period of time it then asks for an activation code, its the only way I can explain it, how else are the slots filling up. I appreciate posts that mention they do not work weekends so we have to wait until Mon / Tue (if lucky, was almost one week last time) but u have to decide if Sublab is a hobby toy or a tool for producers to use, if it is a tool then we need a system to reset keys or use an iLok or something, working producers cant just stop work to wait 4 days to have ID reset when an 808 is key to the production, it is time for this company to decide if SUBLAB is a TOY vst or a TOOL.


Here Here. I second this motion good sir.

@phatmonkey & @BandoBob

Guys, yes, we’re on it! We very much feel your pain and we’re working on a new activation system that will allow machines to be deactivated from the user-side.

In the meantime, if you submit a Support Request using the chat box on our site, we will reset codes as quickly as possible; usually 24-48 hours Monday - Friday but occasionally longer if we receive an unusually large volume of requests, if I am out sick, or some other abnormal circumstance.

Please bear with us :pray: we’re working on a number of improvements to make things smoother for you :pray:

Also, we would really appreciate it if we can keep activation code reset queries limited to :point_right:THIS THREAD :point_left:

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