Feature request: larger envelope and step sequencer windows

My only complaint about Circle is the tiny modulation windows. I would love if you had a little button that popped them out large, ala Cableguys, so we can see them better and get a little more fine tuned.


Or resizable GUI? Audio Damage and U-he have this feature and its great

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Yes @dangayle , was actually thinking about this a lot recently. We have the wavetable window that expands out and allows you to view all the wavetable, so it’s not too much of a stretch to add a more advance pop up window for the step seqencer and the lfo. This would be however in a future update, I’d say even version 3.

@sleepopposed this has been requested many times. Its however almost impossible to do without starting circle’s interface from total scratch, which I really won’t think we’ll be able to do. If we were to build a new product then yes, it would be possible, but with Circle it will more than likely have to be a pop window for more detailed editing.

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