Drag and Drop feature

I want to buy Sublab and was wondering if there is a drag and drop feature. 2 Video reviewers said there was no import feature and then I saw a newer video that shows drag and drop after recording.

Also wouldn’t it be good to be able to play one of the internal Sublab patches and mix it with your own bass sample-- it looks like once a Sublab patch is opened you can not add in your own sample–is this correct?


You can definitely drag and drop in your own samples.

Check this video here Rodger :+1:

actually that video does not show the drag and drop feature—but I notice that videos after Nov 2019 show the “Sample” tab at top right next to New—so i guess you need to record the sample and then you can drag and drop–is that right?

I see what you mean now, yes the currently available update to SubLab allows you to record your own samples and then drag them out of SubLab.

Have a look at the quick tip below which briefly describes how to do it:

Actually the Instagram link you provided does not have any tutorial, overview or directions how to use the drag and drop feature…the Instagram link has several link options that end up going back to FAW website. I still not find any quality in depth video that shows drag and drop and record/sample feature. Amazing that this amazing product does not have in depth info on the new feature. This product is worth so much more but is not marketed and promoted properly, but hey that’s OK that a lot of producers have never heard of Sublab ; ))

Hey Rodger,

Ok, I’ve got two videos here that explain in detail how to do it, it is actually pretty simple as you’ll see.

First one, Ave at 1min 43 seconds in shows how to record a single hit in SubLab.

Next up, Craftmaster gives a good walk-through of how he imports (drag and drop) his own samples into SubLab.

Have a look through and let me know if these videos explain things.