Clicks in Basic Sine Patch


I hope you are all doing well.

I’m getting strong clicks that I can’t seem to clear up. I’ve setup a test patch with just a Sine and I’m still getting them. I can see the click occurring in the waveform. Pitch and Filter aren’t being used in this test patch. Distortion and Compressor aren’t being used.

Adding a longer attack and/or release doesn’t solve it. I’ve also tried the option of restarting the phase and it’s still there.

Any other ideas I can try?


Mac 10.15.7 / 10 Core i9 / 72 GB of RAM / UAD Apollo x6 / Ableton 11 / Sublab 1.1.6 R436

Hey @JD11,

Can you make sure that you have the following settings are what you have.

  1. Make sure that “reset phase on new note” is “off”
  2. “reset ADSR on new notes” is “off”

Hi - thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried your suggested settings. The only difference I noticed in my test was that having “Reset phase on new note: ON” (not OFF) works slightly better (as I would expect).

I can get rid of the clicks with a 50ms+ release while that is set to ON it seems.

I think I can live with this for now.

If I come across any other info worth sharing I’ll let you know.

Ok, keep me filled in. The click from the short release time kind of makes sense. A very short release would mean that the volume would go from 1 to 0 in a short time creating a potential click.