Circle 2.1 Beta Bug Reporting Thread!


I keep getting this as well in demo mode, even after restarting the GUI. I’m running on Windows 10 with Ableton 9 64 bit.


Besides the GUI issues and I’m not sure if its just demo mode?? But when I change chords in polyphony the audio cuts out completely.


Mac OSX 10.13; no presets at all, standalone mode, nor in Ableton Live 9.75.

I was sneaky and kept my original Circle2 though - renamed it Circle2_orig, installed the demo, then renamed that Circle2_demo and renamed the original back to Circle2. Circle2 has presets, beta does not. Ableton Live only sees one Circle2 – the one with presets.


How is the new beta working for you?


Hi Kelly, if you haven’t activated then yes it’s running in demo mode. Has your issue been fixed in Beta 2?


What i tested with the standalone was super, i would also like to be able to test it on ableton too.


In Cubase 9.0.30 (latest version) Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.6, Circle 2 completely freezes Cubase when going back and forth from MIDI editing window if a long release note is still decaying.


@darrenmorze I’ll need some more info on this one.

Firstly, can you let me know the name of the preset that causes this problem.


I was the “Nine Inch Noise” preset and had fiddled with it quite a bit.
I was working on a film cue, so I had the attack and release pretty much
max’d out.
Let me know if you need any other info.



Sorry- *It was the…


Just to clarify, is this bug reliably reproducible on your system?

If so, could you send us some steps so that we can reproduce on our side?


The bug was experienced on my home studio rig and now I’m on the road.
Let me see if I can reproduce it on my laptop and get back to you.



Excellent work so far!

(macOS) I wasn’t expecting to see the standalone Circle app installed in my /Utilities folder - not sure that’s anything to be concerned with, but I was assuming it would be in the /Applications folder.

The lower parameter slider value pop-ups sometimes appear behind the bottom drawer view depending on where you click the slider. This does not prevent functionality.


Hey Conrad,

We rebuilt the OSX installer and the installation into /Utilities is incorrect.
We’ll be doing an update installer later today.

We’ll also have a look at the pop-ups, I’d imagine though that we might release 2.1 soon so all the main Circle users can benefit from the major fixes and then directly after start looking into the likes of the pop-ups.

Thanks for the help Conrad.



Hi guys, that’s what I found during my test

  • Avast still blocks the exe file
  • Standalone icon on my desktop is blank
  • If I minimize Circle into StudioOne and I maximize it again it takes at least 8/9 seconds to re-open the GUI

New sounds are so cool!

That’s all for now (WINDOWS 10 - StudioOne 64bit)


Ok, good testing @Residente, we’ll put these into our bug system and work through them.

I think the icon is an easy fix.

On the min-maxing in StudioOne, have you tested in other hosts? I really want to get to the bottom of this slow GUI open situation…


Also @Residente, glad you like the new sounds, definitely something we are focusing on a lot more from here on in.


@Gavin_FAW I will test it tomorrow on Reaper and will let you know. For example in StudioOne, Sylenth takes 1/2 seconds for the min-maxing, Circle more or less 9/10. BTW will test tomorrow on Reaper.
Regarding the sounds, it is a good idea to expand the “arsenal”, what about create a section of the community where user can share their sounds?


Thanks for the update.

*The feedback module is still broken. It seems to feedback at a rate of 200~300 ms. Tune button doesn’t do a thing. This is with and without the keyboard pitch modulation (VST2, x64)


Hey @blipofthefish will have a check!

Is this standalone version?