Circle 2.1 Beta Bug Reporting Thread!


Please see PM, I’ll take a look at your account.


Some of the more obvious bugs I’ve Been able to find
I had the same issue as @Giovanni_Ghisleni except i’ve had it in Samplitude x3 Rather than Cubase and Fl


Allright, i tried standalone and it almost always annouce that it doesn t close normaly when i already closed it…not big deal, but strange.
But till now i can’t open it on ableton ! Also not the demo


There is also a strange sound, like a beat on the back, maybe because of demo ?


I thought till now, that was problem due to demo


same for me - OSX 10.10.5


all tested on Windows 10 (latest), x64, FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper, Ableton (all latest ‘stable’ versions)

*In FL Studio and Ableton, x64 (latest) i have a sudden stop of voices when the release is overlapping other notes.

*The UI is buggy (see also [Bug] UI Glitches Windows 10)

*The UI is still way too small

*The Bucket delay is out of phase “mono” with too many crackles/distortion/saturation

*The feedback tune is off by 3 semitones


In Demo Mode the synth always opens to the “Chance Hits” preset, losing any settings I did in my saved session.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Instantiate Circle beta (VST) in Ableton Live 9.7.5
  2. Load a different preset or change settings in Circle beta
  3. Save Session file
  4. Close Session file
  5. Re-open saved Session
  6. Open the Circle beta instance in your saved Session

Expected results
Circle beta recalls the saved settings

Actual results
Circle beta is set to the “Chance Hits” preset


ad another one…Mac os 10.12.6


Thanks for these Colin, will sort today. I’m going to ask some further Qs, see you over in the bug thread I’ve made.


An occasionally white noise burst? That’s a demo restriction. We can make that more clear on startup.


For people on Windows who can’t access presets or wavetables…

Rename the program folder “Circle-2” to “Circle2”

The folder can be found here:

(32 bit) C:\Program Files (x86)\FAW
(64 bit) C:\Program Files\FAW

Will be fixed in the next beta installer.


Circle 2.1 Beta Links Inside

here’s one that’s in the current stable too. and it’s a CRASHER!

steps to replicate (starting from initial state after loading)

  1. pull a mod source to a target and click to set the mod amount but do NOT change the value so the slider overlay stays.
  2. change to a preset that doesn’t use that specific mod target.
  3. click and hold/move the slider (as if trying to change the value) to crash. NOTE: just clicking leads to expected behavior of hiding the slider and clearing the unused mod target

64-bit win vst on reaper/win7

reinstalled to test standalone: same behavior. (earlier report was incorrect)

(sidenote: many of the ui bugs that i have in the vst version don’t appear in the standalone)


Hi Hugh,
my pennies:
a) takes ages to start standalone or as vst-plugin (about 2min)
b) takes the same time to come up after hiding the plugin (not restarting, but hiding/showing)
(-> might be a graphic refreshing problem, not the synth itself?)
c) after appearing some erratic behaviour of the GUI (similar to Giovanni’s screenshot above)
d) some problems with using knobs and handles (delayed, as I mentioned for version 2.01), but this sometimes gets better after a while

-> not fully tested the sound but no problems till now
-> parallel working Circle1 is all ok
-> Windows 7/64 Ableton Live 9.5



I doesn’t remember the set MIDI IN Channels.On every startup i have to set them manually


Also get the same glitch behaviuor in top & bottom of GUI. Windows 7, 32 bit

And it takes several seconds to open GUI

BTW I have Cirlce2 already can this beta install next to it?


GUI issues here too with Circle2 x86 (32 bit version) with OS Windows 7 SP1 x64.
DAWs tested: Orion 8.6, Samplitude Pro X and Pro X2, Mixcraft 8 b408, Reaper v5.61 (all x86).

I also can’t get the presets to show up even after renaming the folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\FAW and restarting the DAW and even re-scanning VST folder.


Its actually not occasionally, its always when i push something and more like a little fast beat (drum n bass ;))


Beat with a big high pass