Circle 2.1 Beta Bug Reporting Thread!


hi, standalone and vst (x64)


Ok so i installed this Beta version and it finally works on my ableton too and not only standalone.
But still no key to authorise or do i missed something ?? This noise is very boring in the test version after a while…
Anyway i also realize that even if i push always the same note on my Push 2 , i alway get a new one…Also if i simplify the preset at the most easy sound. And this with all presets i tried, and i tried maybe 10 different.
Hope u understand what i mean :smiley:


@Nicorus, you’re experiencing the demo limitations!

As a research question, do you find it annoying in that it would make you not want to buy circle as it drives you crazy and gives a bad feeling?


Have this fixed now in the next version…


Well a synth is all about the sound. So if I demo a synth I want to use it without sound limitations or something else that disturb my demo experience. I think that a time limitation is or else will be a better solution.


Good point @Residente!

We also released Circle on splice, over there it is a fully functional 3 day demo. I’ll reduce the volume of the noise for a start so it is not too disturbing. The thing with the noise is that it was how it was done back in the old days by all the other plugin developers. Maybe its time to move on and just allow demo restrictions like not allowing a preset to be saved and also going out of tune is not too bad.


Sounds good @Gavin_FAW I think that what you proposed is the best solution.
Also I received the email about the Splice option, but why it is not mentioned in your website? I it is a good opportunity IMHO and should reach much people as possible.


very nice! thanks! :smiley:


I don’t think this is a bug (behaves as designed, maybe a future feature request/change) but it may confuse new users. In macOS running standalone app in demo mode, When I use the preset/sound ‘explorer’ at the bottom, when I click on a sound I can play the sound using the computer keyboard. However, when I use the preset menu at top, when I click on a sound I can’t hear the sound. I have to close the preset menu/pop-up before I can hear audio. - using an external controller works, verified that midi is still being handled and routed properly to the new sound when selected.


Hi! I’m a betatester of Circle 2.1. It sounds great! But…

This is not a bug, but can you implement microtuning?

Ever since Aphex Twin outed himself as a microtonalist in a Korg interview earlier this year it has become more and more evident that more people are using exotic scales in their electronic music:

The proof of this is the broad spectre of top notch synth plugins that ALREADY have it on their spec list: U-he Zebra, U-he Diva, U-he Repro-1, U-he Repro-5, U-he ACE, U-he Bazille, UVI Falcon, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, kv331 Synthmaster, all the Applied Acoustics plugins, Modartt Pianoteq etc.

Why not Circle 2? New sounds demand new scales other than the 12 standard ones…

The above plugins typically come with a folder that you can drop SCL-files or TUN-files into. Both the SCL and the TUN files are plain vanilla text files with a scale description. You can then select a scale from a mini file browser inside the plugin and set microtuning to on or off and global to on or off with two buttons. Shouldn’t be hard to do.


Definitely agree about spreading the word re. the Splice option, we’re working on the site currently :slight_smile:


Please also see the reply in your feature request thread. Agreed, microtuning can have some epic results and it seems fair number of producers are experimenting with it nowadays.