Can't open Sublab/30 day return policy starts when?

Yo! So I’ve downloaded and installed sublab correctly as far as I know. On PC with this damn windows 8. Anyway installed just the 64bit version skipped the 32 and the axxplugin option as that’s what your install tutorials told me to do. Now I was never prompted to put in an activaction code. I’m using MPC 2 as my DAW now when I open the DAW and try to connect to this VST via file location on my plugin manager, no file I connect to will bring up the VST and I tried connecting to every file that was installed for sublab which is just the FAW file with sublab in it, another file titled Common Files, and another Common Files folder in a different location. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong and really need help here. Also just asking does my 30 days start after I activate, because I feel like it should, I can’t even use it yet.

Hey @joeqwerty91,

Is your copy of MPC 2 running in 32 bit mode? I had a check online and found the link below:

What I recommend doing is re-installing SubLab as both 64bit and 32bit and then trying again.

On the return policy, it starts from the day you buy it, but don’t worry, if you can’t get it to run on your computer and we’re helping you out but can’t get it working, we’ll accept a return outside this date :+1:

Im pretty sure its. 64 bit. But ill try that. And i dont want to return but if i cant get it to work it’ll be a sad return

Yeah my MPC 2 running on the 64 bit version.

But I went ahead and reinstalled and clicked yes on all versions, 32, 64, and the axxplugin. Still nothing comes up, what folder do I need to connect to? Because the FAW and common files folders dont do it.

I think I found the problem. I moved stuff aroud because when it installs the sublab.dll file is place in a different folder the everything else. It was placed in the steinburg folder by default. I cant get it to register in my DAW now but it saying it cant load. So what files need to be in the same folder for it to connect properly?

I got it. Had to uninstall, then reinstall but I just had to make sure all the files were put in the same folder.

Great news @joeqwerty91!

Indeed. I was just thrown off because I haven’t had another vst install like that. When installing it was like “okay Imma put one folder here in Program files, another here in Program files (x86), and one in Program Data.” Maybe just specify to keep all files together in one folder when installing, just for future reference. Thanks for the help and quick responses btw!

Yes agree @joeqwerty91, we’re working on an update here which will make the installation clearer.

Thanks for the patience,