Cant install sub lab onto my Pc

To whom it May concern, I have purchased sublab from online in December I believe, I downloaded the file from plugin Boutique I think and once the fire was on the computer I opened up the file I went through the process of installing the VST to my PC but the program does not appear ear on my d.a.w I have been trying to make contact with with future audio workshop via social media via email and now via this online platform and I still cannot get any help to install the program I even followed the instructions which is is on on plugin Boutique and it still doesn’t show up up in my d a w please help please contact me or use a remote computer access to enter into my PC see and load the program am into my PC from your desktop


Hey @DAV3,

We always answer support emails and the other channels (facebook pms etc), so sorry if you slipped between the cracks of us and PluginBoutique.

First, what is you DAW? Also have you installed the latest version from the website? 1.1.3-RC3

Answer here and I’ll walk though it with you. Glad to have you on board with SubLab and I reckon we’ll have you up and running in no time :+1:


Thank you for your reply the DAW I am using is propellerhead reason 10. I not sure if I have downloaded and installed the latest version from your website have you got a link to that website so I can go straight there and try and download it again

I actually saw this question on Reddit today.

Do you have the path set correctly so Reason can find SubLab VST?

Ok, let me know how it goes. It’s Friday night so will probably be tomorrow before I can reply again.

reason 10

yes i have installed 1.1.3 from your website

i dont know if i should install vst 32 bit or vst 64 bit


Install both will be fine, but you’ll use the 64-Bit. We’ll put together a help page tomorrow.


Hey DAV3,

First, are you installing it on the C: drive or do you change the location? I’m here all the time and will walk you through it here.


C: drive … needed 20 characters :roll_eyes:

Is there anyway i can call you? Get this over and done with

Or can you enter my pc through a third party website to control the mouse and install it that way

I’m not sure that would help much…

First can you confirm that you have the folder c:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab on your computer.

After running the installer you should have SubLab.VST and SubLab.VST3 on your hard disk.
If you search for SubLab.vst or SubLab.vst3 do any results show up?