[Bug ]Takes always 4 seconds till GUI appear!

takes (still) always 4 seconds till GUI appear! (“beachball”)

on mac osx / vst and au / in cubase 8 ans 9 and any other daw…

it did it already in the older version 2.0

bad workflow by this… all other function fine.

sorry my english…

Thanks for your first report. What operating system are you using?

hy there… sorry …

mac pro / 6core 3.33ghz /32gb ram/ and OSX El Capitan 10.11.6
ati radeon hd 5770 with 1024 mb


Experiencing this too. First Circle 2.1 beta 2 does some very loong (up to a minute) init routines (probably), then the ‘outline’ of the GUI window appears and then finally Circle 2 opens.

(Circle 2.0 had same behaviour, minus the init routines)

Tested in VSTHost 1.56

Windows 7, 32-bit

Is it the same in standalone mode?

its a little bit faster in standalone version here on the mac. from the click on the icon until circle playable appears approx 5 seconds. thats not sooo bad (i think) BUT: as vst, “all people” uses several circlessynths at the same time and hide and show and hide and show them… you know (?) so its not cool to wait every time up to 5 secs till GUI appears. cheers manuel.

Timed a few things:

Standalone: 20 seconds until Circle GUI opens

Plugin in VSTHost: 40 seconds until Circle GUI opens

No graphical glitches

Beta 2, Windows 7, 32-bit

cfr. Circle 2.0 SA opens within 10 seconds

Thanks for all the replies here, we still need to get to the bottom of this one as we haven’t been able to reproduce at our side so far.

If anyone else is experiencing this issue, please let us know the details alongside your system information.


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something more…

when i have open “only” 3 instances of circle in cubase ( gui open but in the background… behind the arrange window…) all GRAFICS like efx plugins and songposition-pointer and so on are stuttering and jerking !! so i am convinced that there is “only” a grafic problem in the synth… soundperformance is absolutly ok… sorry again my english…

@stacker, we’re digging into this issue next. One quick question that will help, are you using automation?

sometimes in other synths. but not yet in circle synth… all my (grafic) problems are allready when i only have one or several circlesynths open in cubase… no other synths or fx or stuff like that loaded at the same time…

@stacker thanks, that helps!

Just working on it here, I feel we can squeeze some optimizations out of the way we build the GUI, I’ll keep you posted guys…

@stacker, got some low hanging fruit in the way of optimisations, but it’s not making a massive difference. I feel that the ~4 seconds is fundamental to how circle’s interface is created.

hmm… that sounds bad to me :confused: are there no other mac users around with the same problem ? i am wondering… cause i really have a fast machine here… and all other synths appears quickly… i will make a video and post here to show exactly what happend… so long…

here we go…

sound perform is allways ok… un fortunately you cant see the beachball (4secs) till GUI appears… but you can count the time :wink:

That is a lot longer than I’m seeing here for sure…let me have a think about it @stacker

Guys, just did some tests here with some changes and in Live and Logic I have it down to ~ 1.5 seconds…

Windows 10, x64, FL Studio (latest build); opening in 1 ~ 1,5 seconds. :smiley:

hy at all… after a half hour playing around with beta 3…

randomizing function is very fast and synth more stabile… BUT … it still takes exactly 5 seconds to open the gui (vst and au) :frowning: tested in cubase 9.5 and minihost modular… thats very frustrating…

btw: standalone is installed in the UTILITY folder… not in the main app folder… but thats not a problem for me so far… standalone opens in about 3 seconds… greets manuel…

i want to ask the people here around… am i really the one and only with a mac and cubase with this problem ? all other plugins (and i really have a lot of them…) opens very fast… as expected…

@Stacker…that weird on the GUI open times, I spent a good bit of time refactoring the parameter system. I’m testing with Cubase Elements LE 9.5 here and it opens snappy. I’ll have to think more about what this could be. There is definitely something funny going on with Circle and your setup.

On the standalone, for the load time, that sounds about right. We rebuilt the OSX packager, so I think something has happened during that process, Circle should not be in the utilities folder. I’ll update the packager and get it installing in root applications.

Thanks for the help again @stacker!