Bouncing and Crashing Issues

Every time I try to bounce my MIDI file to WAV, it doesn’t show the waveform. I can’t even bounce it to MP3 without the bass being missing. If a file is missing, I can’t load it up with SubLab because it crashes my whole session. Does anyone have a remedy for this??

Hey @Obass,

I have a few questions for you!

Can you let me know what your operating system is?

Also, what version are you running? You can find out what version you have installed by clicking the “sublab” logo in the top left hand corner and noting what its says under version, 1.1.4 (R123) etc.

Finally, what DAW are you running?

Let me know this and I’ll be able to start helping.

Windows 10

The latest version

Mixcraft 9

Can you tell me exactly what version it says on the about page?


It says “1.1.4 (R123)”

Ok, you have an older build @Obass, the current build is 1.1.4 (R425). While this is available in your account, I’ve sent you a direct link to the latest build via PM.

Let me know how it goes!