X-Sub Below C1 (32 hz)

I use SubLab as a live VST Instrument for a group and there’s a song calls for a Bb0 (29 hz). I would like the X-Sub to go below C1 and provide that pure sub sound at 29 hz. Is there a way to do this that I am not seeing?

If you go to the settings.xml in the SubLab installation folder and open it in a text editor you can try setting the value

<VALUE name**=“xsub_wrap_on” val=“1”/>
change to
<VALUE name**=“xsub_wrap_on” val=“0”/>

Bookmarked the tip and shall soon be dropping unheard rumble so deep it makes James Cameron jealous AByss deep Sub(marine) BASS!

Also properly had to fail a 2nd time on 28 days later