[Update] SubLab 1.1.9 - Ventura

Hey everyone,

Just uploaded a macOS beta of version 1.1.9

  • This first beta version includes a fix SubLab not activating on Ventura or it SubLab was already activated, your presets would not appear.

:point_right: SubLab macOS M1 1.1.9 Beta1
:point_right: SubLab Windows 1.1.9 Beta1

Thanks for the help as always,


Hi there,
I now have a working M1 version of SubLab! (thanks guys)
For anyone who had this problem with M1 version, I hope this helps:

initially I couldn’t get SubLab to work in either standalone or as a plugin in logic. The Beta worked in standalone mode but Logic did not detect it. SubLab showed in the plugin manager so I rescanned and reset the plugin which passed validation (yay) but it still didn’t appear in the logic instrument menu… So I remembered seeing in earlier form posts to reset the computer so I tried that and- hey presto- it works!

Im really looking forward to hearing it in action now, thanks for fixing guys.

Nice one @Tokamak and glad you got it working :+1:


So I was getting clicks and pops ever since I got this VST a while ago so I never used it. Decided to look into it and found this thread.

After doing a clean install of this newest version. I am still getting the clicks and pops. Albeit on much less presets.

I went ahead and did a thorough test and put together a portfolio of my findings. With samples from 4 different presets with the clicks present, and a screenshot of the waveform zoomed in on the part of the samples i believe is causing the clicks and pops. Also with some examples of subtle clicks from the same presets and what they look like.

It seems to be, losing samples(?) only in the beginning of the files or something. And it only occurs on presets that use the sampler engine (not all of them though). I also put more detailed notes in a file on other observations. I included a list of every preset that the clicks occur as well as the clean ones.

What would be the best way to send or forward my testing so that this can be addressed? I am interested in the product and would be interested in XL but however this issue is keeping me from pulling the trigger on it.

Thank you.

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Do you want to test SubLab XL so you can compare the difference?


Yea I could try that.

Hi guys
Is there an update to the update and where is the best place to feedback? I have it working fine except it crashes Logic about 70% of the the time I just open the plugin (as AU). Its fine once I open it but its a bit annoying and stops the flow temporarily. Thanks

Hey @Tokamak,

We’re running SubLab here as M1 in Logic and not having the issue.

Can you describe exactly what is happening and also if you have a crash report can you send it to me via PM?


Hi is there any fix for SubLab crashing Ableton entirely on a 2019 i9 Macbook Pro?
These seem to only have support for Silicon chips

Hi there,

Do you know what version of SubLab you’re currently running?

You can check by launching SubLab, then clicking the “sublab” icon in the top left corner of the interface. That will display the Info Page and you can take a screenshot of the build number/date for us.

Take care,

I have tried all of the troubleshooting steps shown on the Website.

Here is my issue:
I can open the SubLab standalone app. SubLab shows in the plugin manager I have rescanned and reset it, and it passed validation.

I tried what other people have said about restarting my computer, but that didn’t work. I still doesn’t show up in the au instruments.

I’m running Logic Pro X 10.7.8 on an Apple M1 Max with Ventura 13.1.

Really hoping to use this product. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


Hi! Im also having trouble with SubLab.

I´ve tried to remove all files, downloaded 1.1.9 beta and installed it. Restarted the computer and when i start Logic Pro X a pop-up says The plug-in named “SubLab” isn´t available in your system.

What more should i try?

MacBook Pro 14" M1 Pro
Ventura 13.5.1
Logic Pro X 10.7.9


I’m having the same issues listed above. Not appearing in my AU Instruments even though it passed validation.

Mac Studio, Ventura 13.2.1, Logic 10.7.9

I’ve done some quick testing myself on 1.1.9 and it is indeed in the sample section, most notably in the DECAY code of the VOLUME ADSR. if you solo the sample channel and set sustain to 0, shorter decay values make this “attack” click worse [not to be confused with attack of adsr] and longer decay lessens the clicking. Without doing any of that, this bug is only on triggered new notes, not on sustained notes with one note held and other notes pressed to retrigger.

[Win10, Fl21 tested 44.1k and 48k, Scarlett 18i8 interface bug present with asio4all and focusrites own asio driver]

I can upload a video to my YT as soon as I can figure out routing my Scarlett 18i8 to OBS for fl21. I tried recording with xbox game bar but cant seem to capture the sound with the Scarlette Asio Driver and XBG.

edit: The preset I’m testing with is “Hits DNA Vol 2 - Slob on my knob” for context but is certainly also a bug that affects other presets.

Ok so after upgrading to XL and poking around a bit, I’m pretty sure I found what was still causing clicks in 1.1.9 of Sublab.

in XL there is an option for “Phase Align Engines”
if on it creates the same pops and clicks on attack that are still present after the “Apply blue volume attack to sampler” is set to off in Sublab 1.1.9

Of course this is “fixed” in XL with the option to turn off “phase align engines” but at the end of the day options to fix bugs that create other issues are not really fixes.

There it is that’s the bug. it’s in the phase align code. both plugins have this issue but only one has an option to address it, hope it gets a proper fix as I’m sure it would be useful to have engines phase aligned.

Hey @burn.money.beats,

Ok, so the main issue with any sub-bass plugin is that when you are already playing a note and you play a new one, do you go ahead and reset the phase to zero or do you just let it keep playing.

  1. Reset the phase immediately.
    A lot of people requested this, regardless of whether it clicks or not. By resetting the phase immediately on a new note, you always are assured of having a zero phase on a new note, thus the phase is aligned and replaceable, albeit now with a potential click as the phase goes from say 65° to 0° instantaneously. This was added to SubLab based on user feedback.

  2. Don’t reset the phase
    In this case, you want the phase to not reset when a new note comes in while an older note is still playing. This has the advantage of having no click, but if you have a looping section in your daw with a new note at the start of the bar, the phase will be different every time you loop around if the note hasn’t finished before restarting the loop. This was how SubLab worked at launch.

  3. Make sure that when a note ends, that the release is short.
    You can make sure that the release time of the blue ADSR is short…that way when you end a note it quickly reduces in volume and finally finishes. When the note is finished, the blue ADSR is now zero. When a new note comes in, the phase will start from zero, but also the ASDR will start from zero, so no clicks! This is a trick that you can try in SubLab if your getting clicks.

  4. In XL…Phase Align Engines & Optimise X-Sub Phase
    These are two new ways that we have come up with dealing phase reset and clicking issues. We took the feedback from SubLab and tried some new and to our knowledge, unique ways of having phase that resets when you play notes, but also doesn’t click!

  5. “Optimise X-Sub Phase” when turned on means that we always start the main harmonic from 0° phase when a new note comes in…but we may wait for the main harmonic to pass through zero before changing its pitch.
    When a new note comes instead of resetting the phase immediately and causing a click, we instead wait until the harmonic passes through zero and then we do some calculations, maybe wait a few samples and then we restart the harmonic and jump to the new pitch of the new note.
    We then repeat this process for each of the harmonics is xSub…we wait until the optimal time for no click to reset the harmonics. We also do some smart crossing fading between harmonics etc.
    I would recommend turning this on.

  6. Phase Align Engines.
    This is a further trick on top of everything, that aligns the phase between x-Sub, the main oscillators and the samplers and when used in combo with “Optimise X-Sub Phase” gives the best results in terms of phase reset etc. All the engines ( sampler, xsub, synth) all lock into the same global phase and reset to zero at the same time. I would recommend turning this on.

Reading back through everything, maybe a blog post is in order!

When you mention when a note ends to make sure decay is set low. Do you mean Release. Release should control when a note ends. Decay controls how long a note decays to the sustain level yes but release affects what happens after a note is off.