[Update] SubLab 1.1.9 - Ventura

Yes, Release! updated my post…

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Hi, I am on Ventura on an M1 Mac and Sublab will not load for me in Bitwig. I’ve attempted multiple times to reinstall, still the plugin reports crashed as soon as I attempt to add it.

Hi, Sublab does not work at all on my Macbook Pro M2. The model is a 2023 Macbook pro 96 GB RAM, 13.4 Ventura. It crashes Ableton and Fl Studio and I cant open it in stand alone either.

Ok, we’re going to look into this…we are running Ventura and not having any crashes.

If you get a crash report can you post it guys @thelatewizard and @Connorh597

Where can we see a crash report? Both the sublab standalone application and the VST crashes

Hey Connor, it sounds like you have an older version installer. Could you download the 1.1.9 version that’s linked at the top of this thread and run the installer? Please make sure that your DAW is closed while running the installer. Then reboot your mac once install is complete and try to load up SubLab again.

I’m on an MBP M3 running 1.1.9 in Ableton and FL with no issues. If I was still running 1.1.8 it wouldn’t work though.

Also, @thelatewizard I would recommend double checking that you have 1.1.9 installed as well and maybe just try running the installer. It shouldn’t be crashing (I don’t have Bitwig setup on my new mac yet but for sure the standalone should not crash) if you have 1.1.9 installed.

Can we get the Intel version of SubLab 1.1.9 here? I’m still working on an Intel Mac at the moment, but I plan to upgrade to macOS 14 for some compatibility testing. The testing link here only provides an M1 version, which has left me puzzled.

I also have a rather strange question: I actually obtained SubLab through Plugin Boutique, and the latest installation package I downloaded from there is version 1.1.8. However, all the plugins and standalone applications show version 1.0.0 in their info.plist files. But it seems that the M1 version I downloaded from this thread has the version number displayed correctly. Are you providing different installation packages for Plugin Boutique? I discovered this issue when using MacUpdater to check for plugin updates in preparation for my macOS 14 upgrade.

Hey I just purchased SubLab and I am curious to read all the comments of not working with Ventura. I am having problems showing up SubLab in my instruments on Logic Pro 11.0
I am using a Macbook 16 M1 Ultra MacOs 14.0 Sonoma. Any help?