Trigger from computer keyboard in standalone version?

I searched the community and didn’t find anything regarding triggering a sound with the computer keyboard, so I started this thread.

While I have several DAWs that support SubLab as a plug-in and several MIDI trigger devices, there are times when I just want to quickly open the standalone version of SubLab and design some sounds, without setting all that up. Maybe I’m misremembering, but I could have sworn you could either click somewhere with your cursor to trigger the sound or use a computer key to trigger, but it’s been a while since I’ve opened up the standalone version to design a sound. Am I missing something?

Obviously, it’s not a critical feature request, but it would be nice to be able to turn on computer keyboard triggering, like in Live, in the standalone version. It could be a simple menu option that you could checkmark to turn on computer keyboard input. Ideally this could work in concert with a MIDI input, if you have one equipped, so when you really want to dig in, you’re able to trigger the sound wherever your hands happen to be.

Hi @tekromantik
You can load a virtual MIDI keyboard like VMPK. It allows to drive any MIDI standalone virtual device like Sublab with your keyboard or mouse. You can download it at (it s free). I don’t know whether you are running on Mac or PC. This one is for PC. But you ll find the same for Mac by googling ‘Virtual MIDI keyboard’. Hope this will help and you will be able to sound design standalone.

Just found this one for mac (free too)

Thanks for the recommendation. It would be similar to loading SubLab up as a plug-in in a DAW, but perhaps a little faster with a dedicated virtual MIDI keyboard. I’m on Mac, so thanks for that extra recommendation. I think ultimately, it would still be a nice feature to have computer keyboard triggering built into the standalone app, but I may experiment with the keyboard app.

np :wink: i agree this is just a workaround. The best would be to have the feature straight in Sublab of course

@ChristopheLambert its in the backlog for the next update.


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We’ve added this feature to the latest beta.

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Thanks, Gavin. That’s good news. I look forward to it making the non-beta.