Keyboard stops acting like a midi controlor after changing preset

Hello !

In Fl studio 20.9 after changing a sound preset in sublabxl, the pc ( laptop in my case ) keyboard stops acting like a midi keyboard until i press a left click on the Channel Rack.
On the pc were i have a dedicated external midi keyboard this problem doesent exist, and i dont have to click the Channel Rack everytime i switch a preset .

Hmm…that sounds a bit weird. Can you make a video of it so I get exactly what you mean.

Yes, but please make it possible to directly upload videos on this forum.

Found out what it was.
Had to uncheck this option :

Ok good catch @luciancalinbalintoni! I’m not familiar with this button, is it Keyboard to Midi on/off?

I am not sure. It got something to do with the keystroke priority. You can read at the top left corner in the screenshot.

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