Sublab XL not Scanning/showing in DAW (N.I Maschine) Plugin list

For whatever reason, I’m having SO many troubles with Sublab XL that I never experienced with Sublab (1’s ) original version. Since SBLXL was crashing in “Stand alone” mode upon entering my User info into the “Login” box, & when I clicked “Login” to access & inter into the plugin to navigate it It would crash, I presumed to optionally try & open It up inside my DAW/Beat making program which I hadn’t tried prior bkz It did open up in stand alone, it just wouldn’t allow me to enter the User Login info without crashing, but It DID open up as If was working properly. So since I ran head on into those issue’s In stand alone It dawned on me to try to maybe open It directly In my DAW, hoping that I could by pass the crashing assuming It maybe something (A Bug) when using stand alone mode. But when I went to go & check my available “Plugins List” I saw no “FAW” as the company name appears In big bold print. So in short>>The Plugin Is not even being READ by the scanner IN my DAW for some oddity of circumstantial reasons. So that’s actual TWO separate issue’s with the crashing upon Login into the plugin issue’s. >>>What BAFFLES me is that the plugin IS POPPING OPEN as If It works normally. I CAN SEE THE GUI>>>but It is In an “OPACITY” state, I.e not FULLY open/unlocked so It shows the NEW GUI features “softly” with a slight coloration (tent) behind the “Login Box”. As well, my Initial PC IS reading the Plugin which Is why I know it’s working, yet It’s NOT working the way It should operationally speaking. So it opens In my Computer In stand alone, but DOESN’T show, or Is being read, picked up etc by my DAW’s (N.I Maschine software) scanner. This Is WHY I am so perplexed & to be woefully honest FRUSTRATED, peeved, & annoyed. I’m like “DANG IT, why Is It working BUT NOT working”? I want to check out the NEW FEATURES & improvements to SEE what It offers Me In terms of my productions value, but unfortunately I can’t get pass the crashes. And my N.I Maschine software doesn’t seem to be able to SCAN IT into my DAW. That way I could at least double (check) & try my best at my own “Trouble Shooting” which I am typically proficiently Masterful at doing when un foreseen problems arise with most all Plugins I own. But not this time/this lmao ahha smdh.