Sublab could not be loaded. Maschine

I’ve tried everything from scanning over and over adding new folders in preferences/plug ins and scanning again. The presets show up and I can preview them but thats as far as I can go without getting an error message. It also shows up in library/factory as Sublab Factory. But it does not show VST section.

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Oddly. I’ve had zero issue’s with (Sublab) 1 original In terms of Using N.I MASCHINE software which I use as my main DAW for beat production since I don’t record Vocals, I. e don’t rap anymore, tho I can immensely well, I Am just trying to make a living making beats online feel me? My problem is with Sublab XL, the NEWEST iteration of Sublab original. I can get It to Open In stand alone mode right? But peep this. It CRASHES when I try to put my USER info into the Login (sand box) & click Login. As well, the new version Is not picking up/ being READ by my MASCHINE software scanner. Doesn’t seem to be able to find the plugin DLL. All In All, typically I haven’t really any bad issue’s using N.I Maschine. Everything WORKED like a charm In Sublab original. NKS ready the whole 9. Aside the It being a little “Buggy” when I open the GUI In Maschine. In which It would “FREEZE UP” momentarily for like 15, 20 seconds, then It would pop open & work normally. >>>>I believe that YOUR PROBLEM Is That you have some how REMOVED/Changed the plugin from it’s original path location, or deleted It some how. The reason>> WHY It’s saying It can’t be loaded Is either that, and or you don’t have the correlating User “PATHWAY” location Scanned Into Maschine’s PREFFERENCES Pathway logs. You need to have the correct pathway “ADDED” to Maschine’s program data base i.e C:\Programs\Steinberg\Vstplugins etc. You MUST have the DIRECT pathway where the plugin DLL file Is located added Into the Maschine scanner REGISTRY bro. I’ve gotten that “Error” message a few times here & there, but typically It’s an EASY solve. Hope that helps give you at least a little bit more clarity vs being totally lost you know lol aha? You can message me tho fam If you have more question on MASCHINE bkz I’ve been Using MASCHINE for what, almost 15 years now wow, Since 2008 lol. I didn’t even realize that much time has gone by. So I know pretty much EVERYTHING In terms of Maschine, how to use/program It, how to trouble shoot It etc. So holler back If I can be Of any service, & or help bro! Peace, Blessings!