Sublab XL 1.04 Poor Performance on Intel Mac

Every installer I use only installs 1.04. On Sonoma is it is CPU heavy & makes a lot of noise. It will nearly crash my projects in Cubase & makes them unusable.

Can we get the beta for Intel please?

I didn’t have this problem with an older OS - it needs some kind of optimization for Sonoma maybe.

Hey there :wave:

Hmm…let me take a look. Which version of Cubase are you running?

Hi Julia - thank you. I’m using Cubase 11 & 12.

It is the GUI & graphics that are causing me issues. Especially if the zoom option is enable.

Changing the zoom back to 100% (I was at like 125) helped quite a bit & minimizing the plugin so there is no GUI makes it usable.

The standard GUI seems like it takes too much resources to display the envelopes & waveforms in realtime when being triggered. Then there is the other bouncing ball GUI mode which is a great touch to make it look flashy but it doesn’t really do anything useful.

Perhaps a 3rd low processor GUI mode or the ability to turn off the envelope display would be good additions.

Anyway, I hope this software comes to full completion. I really love it & despite the bugs overall makes life easier.

Hey @4evr

Okay thanks for the additional info.

So keeping the GUI at 100% helps and also minimizing the plugin.

Could you also try setting the Spectrum Resolution to Low?

I’m going to get my older intel macbook out and do some testing in Cubase to see what’s going on. Please let me know if changing the spectrum resolution helps or not.

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