MacOS Sonoma 14.1.1

Just wondering if theres any news as to when we will get an update for Sonoma 14.1.1

Yes for sure in the near future @prom!


Any idea of when it will work with Sonoma? It is not working in Cubase 12 and if it’s going to be a few more months before it works I will have to look for something else for my subs. Thanks.

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Also wondering this! I tried SubLab on Ableton and it crashes the program every time.

We’re looking into it this week guys, I’ll get back with a progress update as soon as we have something to report.


Hey! It shouldn’t be crashing Ableton if you have the latest installer for your setup. You’re on OS Sonoma as well? Are you on an M1/2/3 mac or an older mac with the intel chip?

Is 1.1.8 the latest version? Yes, I’m on Mac Sonoma with an M3 Mac.

Okay thanks for letting me know! Try this please: 1.1.9 M1/2/3 Beta

That’s a beta version that is working very well on the silicone macs and the latest OS. I’m using it on my M3 MBP with Sonoma.

Thanks! That’s working so far!

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Great! Glad that you’re up and running :pray: