SUBLAB wont start in stand alone and crash's Studio One 5

SubLab (SubLab-Installer-v1.1.5-RC2) will not start as a stand alone and crashes Studio One 5,4. anyone else have this problem?

|Application Studio One Win x64|

|System|Microsoft Windows 10 Home|
|CPU Model|Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3|
|CPU Speed|3.50 GHz|
|CPU Cores|8|
|RAM|32.00 GB|

I reinstalled and now I can open up the Stand alone but I cannot find it in Studio One or Maschine


Thanks for the report Sean. We’re currently working on 1.1.6 and will have a look and see what is up.
We’ve already got the macOS beta ready, I envision it being next weekend when we release the windows version for testing. Hang in there and thanks for the patience and support!