Sublab sampler broken after updating to 1.1.5

Any news on an update that might fix the issue with the distortion in 1.1.5?

Im pretty sure the next update will address that problem, as its a major major major problem

When is the update coming out? Last week passed, will you be fixing the plugin this week?

We’re working on it here guys, just doing a build today which we hope to upload now.


Just an update @vertibration, spent the day getting everything together but currently we’re stuck due to what looks like a bug in Apples app store, which we have to use to sign the SubLab installer.
Reckon we’ll know more with what is up on Monday (tomorrow).


I think you have to pay for a signature. Surge vst had the same problem.

We have a paid signature, I think what was up was Apple’s servers were down but they back now, so we’re sending out the beta ( macOS ) first.


How can I get this beta?

@WackoB and @vertibration, just sent the beta over via PM.

If you want to add anything, please do so in the thread specific for the update, which is pinned here:

Hello @Gavin_FAW , how can I get this version of Sublab 1.1.6? I just bought Sublab (november 11th 2021), and every single version 32/64bit vst2/3 has the same problem reported here. The sample engine just doesn’t work on FL Studio 20, it makes a crackling/distorted sound. I do not have this issue on Bitwig, but it is a problem on FL Studio (my main DAW) and seems to be an issue for most FL users with Sublab 1.1.5

Just sent you the link via PM :+1:

Ok guys, I’ve narrowed down the bug. It is occurs when the blue volume envelope is applied to the sampler.

Can you try disconnecting the blue envelope from the sample, by clicking settings->ADSR settings->Apply Blue Volume ADSR To Sampler: NO

Once you do this, can you let me know if the sampler is still making that squeak/crackle?

Thanks again!

Hey Gavin,

I can confirm that this fixes the issue. What is this setting for and how does disconnecting affect the sound?

-Wacko B

It was an obscure bug related to some internal delay lines that we put into SubLab.

I’ll put together an update tomorrow morning with a fix and send it over :+1: :+1:

Just an update ETA for the new build is tomorrow. Just need to do some testing here in the different DAWs before sending out.

When is the update coming out?

Were preparing it tomorrow :+1:

I hope you guys come trough this weekend I have an album to finish and I don’t like 808 samples :slight_smile:

Yup, just putting the build together as we speak :+1:

im having the same issues but my license is with plugin boutique