Sublab Filter Issue

So if I create a new patch, choose a saw wave (doesn’t matter what wave but this makes the problem more apparent), pull the filter envelope amount all the way down, bring the oscillator send to the filter to 100… I can hear the top end of the saw wave when I pull the filter all the way down. If I continue to hit a note, after a minute or so, the saw wave will begin to filter out. It’s like there’s a crazy delay on the filter? Very strange behavior.

Sublab version 1.1.2

Hey DCJ, what buffer size are you using in your DAW?


Ableton 10 and 512.

Why does it say post must be 20 characters? What happens when the answer takes less?

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Hey @DCJ, there is a default setting on the forum for the minimum number of characters you need to type before making a post…not sure why that is to be honest :slight_smile:

I understand the problem you are having now, I’ll have a look into it and get it into the next 1.1.2 build that we’re working on. We designed the filter so that it would minimize noise and processor usage, but in the context of smaller buffer sizes.

I just got Sublab and noticed this too. It seems that both highpass and lowpass filters when set at extreme settings (so that the output would be silent) have nearly no effect. It’s weird because if I raise my buffer size the issue goes away, and if I then lower it again, it stays fixed! It seems like its only an issue when the plugin is loaded at a low buffer size and is not increased then decrased.

Ableton 10 on Mojave.

Hey @lukasschmit,

Just starting back on SubLab 1.1.3 now and will have a look into this. I think both issues are the same thing.

Thanks for the heads up!

Looking forward to this fix. Can’t really design my own subs without it!

Yeah, has there been any progress on this?

@lukasschmit, yes, this fix is going into the next version which should be ready for download in the next day or so.


Hello all, I am live with version 1.1.3 and I have found that the delay is still occurring after playing a note in sublab. It is a clicky delay as described before.

hey my subpack files are not importing to sublab yes i’ve watched the video on how to do this keeps telling me to contact FAW

@danielpst897 can you check if you have the latest version of SubLab 1.1.3? Also make sure that you also have this folder on your hard disk “/Program Files/FAW/SubLab/Imported”


yes i have this well the sample drag in feature is now working so that’s a cool feature and most of the subs are working but i still can’t import .subpack files i have purchased 2 of them from FAW that i would love to use hopefully an update will fix this

@danielpst897, can you make sure that you have the latest 1.1.3-RC3 version installed? This RC3 version has a fix for importing the .subpack files and it is available inside your account to download.


yeah i don’t see an update anywhere under my account

Go to your “Downloads” page and then you should see yellow buttons where you can download the installers.

@Julia has put together a guide with the steps on our support pages, check it out here: