Popping sounds in sub lab when notes overlap

Still having this problem with sub lab - when 808’s overlap, there is a popping noise. I’ve tried to resolve it before. Is there a real fix?

Hey @dallasrose,

What version are you running of SubLab?


Hi, not OP but I am also experiencing this. I’ve been messing around with it for a while and from the looks of it it seems like when you have distortion on it at the very end of the decay it just sounds like it’s distorting the transition between the 808 and silence. I’m using v 1.1.3. It only happens sometimes, and not necessarily when they overlap, When they do overlap and it does this it seems it amplifies it a little. I had a song with a preset and thought maybe it was the preset, so I switched it and it wasn’t popping anymore so I was like cool, and just to be safe froze the track and flattened and thought I had a good run without pops, but then I did a landr master and it seemed to still bring it out noticeably. So apparently I just chose a preset that had less noticeable pops at face value, but the compression just brought it out in the master.


We have a new build that is being prepared, can you give us a couple of days and I can send it over and I can get into it with you. It could be an edge case is causing a click as the envelope goes from one level to another.

Yeah, no worries I’ve just been converting to audio and editing the clips out in the meantime. Thanks for looking into it!

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Hello, has this been resolved yet?


Have you tried the latest version of SubLab, it is available in your account, under downloads at http://futureaudioworkshop.com