Microtuning via Scala or TUN-files?

Hi! I’m a betatester of Circle 2.1.
Can we implement microtuning in the next release?
Ever since Aphex Twin outed himself as a microtonalist in a Korg interview earlier this year it has become more and more evident that more people are (and have been) dabbling with microtonal scales in their electronic music.
The proof of this is the broad spectre of top notch audio plugins that ALREADY have it on their spec list: U-he Zebra, U-he Diva, U-he Repro-1, U-he Repro-5, U-he ACE, U-he Bazille, UVI Falcon, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, NI Kontakt, kv331 Synthmaster, all the Applied Acoustics plugins, Modartt Pianoteq etc.
Why not Circle 2? New sounds demand new scales beyond the 12 standard ones…

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We’ve had this request a bunch times over the past few years so it seems like it would be a worthwhile addition.

The feature won’t be included in 2.1 I’m afraid as we’re on the verge of release, but we’ll have a think about ways we could include it elegantly on the interface, we have further updates planned for the foreseeable future.

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This is great news!

The plugins I mentioned typically come with a folder that you can drop SCL-files or TUN-files into.

Both the SCL and the TUN files are plain vanilla text files with a scale description and the formats are documented online.

You can then select a scale from a mini file browser inside the plugin and set microtuning to on or off and global to on or off with two buttons.

This is the bare minimum implementation.

My email adress is joakimbanglarsen@gmail.com if you need any further information. I am a part of 2500+ member Facebook group where any type of documentation can be sought. I will of course tell them about the next Circle2 release!

I can also send you screenshots of the microtuning dialogs of the plugins I mentioned if you want.

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Any news on this?..