Fine tuning capabilities?

Often times on projects I find myself fine tuning instruments (ESPECIALLY bass) to be in tune with other instruments when creating music in unconventional tunings (not 440hz)
Is there an option available for fine tuning by centitones? I’ve searched extensively and this seems to be the only software VST I have that doesn’t allow for it unfortunately. If not, that would be an awesome feature for an update! Otherwise I feel like I won’t be using this much, which is a shame.

Yes, we do have fine tune.

If you click the keyboard in the bottom left hand corner, you’ll bring up the window below…you can then change the pitch

Dear Gavin,

I can’t figure out how to finetune SubLab in cents. Semitones, yes, but smaller than that, no. I have to use Pitch Bend to work around that.

Am I blind / stupid or is this feature missing?

Thank you